Devlog 1

Here we are with the first of many (i hope) blog entries for this new devlog

Application Size

The first big improvement on changing the development platform is the application size, for the prototype who used Intel SDK platform need to include the apache cordova to run the application on the mobile devices, this unfortunatly increase the size of the app and the final result was at least a 50mb application package.

Now usign Unity the size goes down to 25mb, a big improvement for the user in my opinion.

New content download

This was not present in the prototype and help the game in the long term, like most of the game do the app will eventually download new "seasons" illustrations before going to the main menu, i found quite easy to implement a system to keep update the application without the need to re-download it from the app store using the Unity assetsbundle, with this i can keep the application size to the bare minimum.

In the details now the applications after showing the splash screen will request the server which is the most recent season files and eventually download them if the user did not already have them in the device memory, it also check the application version and retrive the user data.

Artist Position

After posting an offer in illustrators community sites i receive a large number of applications and i think i found a few talanted artists to give a fresh new feelings to the characters illustrations, i hope i can post the new characters illustrations soons.

Written by Lylium Legends on Tuesday October 24, 2017

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