New Start & New Engine

It quite some time since last update about the game, the kickstart campaign was unsuccessfull, but i will use this experience to improve the game.

First thing i'm changing engine, from the first prototype made with Phaser 2 (a javascript framework ) it's a very good engine and it was a pleasure to work with it, but i don't think it's suitable to create the mobile app i have in mind right now, for this reason i'm developing with Unity now.

Another big change compared to the previous app is the screen orientation, i decided to go for the portraint orientation instead of the landscape one, as i think is better suited for the app interface, in this way i can make the cards slighter bigger so it's easier to read theri stats at first glance.


Starting from this entry i will try my best to keep update this simple devlog to give more info about the game and its developing.

There is also a bad news, unfortunatly i'm unable to contact the chracters artist (who should have assisted me in this project) anymore, so if you are an artist or do you know an artist who will be interested to work on this project please fell free to send me a mail at

Written by Lylium Legends on Tuesday October 17, 2017

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