About the Game

Lylium Legends is a mobile, multiplayer card game that features an unique battle system and an engaging Legacy skill system.

Are you tired games with massive decks? Can you never draw the right card? If you answered yes, then Lylium Legends is for you.

Lylium Legends features a deck of only 5 cards, and these cards are always visible to you. Furthermore, these cards can be played in any order.

Your aim is to defeat all opponent cards while keeping at least one of your cards alive. To accomplish this, you play one card at time, and that card will remain active until its HP reaches zero.

Preview of in-game cardPreview of in-game card

Each card displays three values.  

  • Level: The top left corner displays the card level. Each card begins at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 4 
  • Attack: The bottom left corner displays the base attack value, and the icon surrounding it represents the attack type (melee, magic, or range). 
  • Defence: The bottom right corner displays the defense value and how much damage the card can sustain before being defeated.


Each cards possess a skill that can be activated in one of the three combat phases

Starting Phase

In this phase will be activated all skill that affect the pre-battle setup, for example healing skills or direct damage skills, if one or both cards reach zero defence in this phase the other two will be not played.

Battle Phase

This is the phase were the damage will be calculated, it also the phase were skill that reduce or increase damage are effective

Ending Phase

This is the last turn phase, in this phase will be activated all skill with "after battle" text on it, also in this phase all damage increase and reduction are removed

Example of card info

Legacy Skills

Some cards have special skills called Legacy Skills. These skills are fundamental for your battle strategy because they can be passed onto the next card played. The order that you play your cards can sway the tide of battle.

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Written by Lylium Legends on Saturday June 10, 2017

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